As a contractor, you know that simply replacing concrete is not always the only option available. Instead, you can frequently make repairs to the floor or other surface, saving a homeowner or business owner a great deal of money and yourself some time. Concrete rejuvenation is the perfect method of making even old areas appear younger and improving durability

How Concrete Rejuvenation Benefits You

Concrete rejuvenation benefits the contractor as well as the client. Because rejuvenation takes less time than completely replacing the floor, you are able to move on to other clients more quickly. Not only will each customer be pleased with a shorter wait, but also by providing services to more clients, you can make more money.

Additionally, suggesting concrete rejuvenation to clients will most likely impress them and improve their opinion of you. They will appreciate your honesty and ability to save them money. Chances are that because they are pleased with your services, they will recommend you to others.

Rejuvenation Methods to Consider Using Concrete Resurfacing

There are several different methods of concrete rejuvenation. The simplest method of rejuvenating concrete is to simply clean it. You can use concrete cleaner, oil remover, stain remover, and/or algaecide for this minimally invasive method.

To truly rejuvenate concrete, it helps to clean and then seal it. This means cleaning it as mentioned above and then sealing it with a concrete sealer. While the cleaning is easy for most homeowners, they will want a professional to seal their concrete to ensure it is done correctly. You can also rely on heavy acid etching for changing the appearance of the surface before sealing it when the client wants a change. Tinted sealers are also a great option when clients want to change the color of their concrete and rejuvenate it at the same time.