Using stained concrete is the best way to change the overall look of your concrete structure. However, good things do not come for free, they come with a price. This type of decorative concrete will help you achieve the look of the most expensive materials in the market, but will highly help you save a significant amount of money than you could have used purchasing and installing those materials. How much then, is the cost of stained concrete?

Well, contractors charge for this type of concrete per square foot, but it will be unfair to mention figure if factors that influence the costs are not discussed. This is mainly because the prices vary, depending on the following;

Surface preparation requirements

What is the scope of work required to prepare the surface for staining? This is a major contributor to the overall cost of concrete staining. Some structure will require less work, while others will require a lot of work to be done for stains to be applied. The best thing to remember is that the more the work, the more the hours that will be spent preparing the surface; thus the more the costs.

The difficulty in stain application

It is difficult to apply stains in some concrete surfaces, such those with massive cracks. This means that a lot of repair will have to be done, and specialized skills will have to be used in order to ensure that the sealants hide the repaired surfaces. The level of difficulty of applying the stains will, therefore, play an integral role in determining the overall price of the stained concrete. Easy applications are relatively cheaper, since they do not require specialized skills to apply.

The products used and their prices in your local market

Products come from different brands, and your choice will, therefore, affect the price of the stained concrete. For a fact, products sell differently in different markets; hence the prices of the said products in your local market will determine the amount of money your project will cost.

The size of the job

This is basically how big or how small the job is. Big projects will require more products, and massive workmanship; thus you will need to chuck out a significant amount of money in order to get the job done. Big jobs also require a lot of skill and knowledge. This means that you can hardly do it by yourself, and you will require the services of a professional decorative concrete contractor.

For small jobs such as staining a concrete floor in your living room, not much is required. It can be the cheapest project, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. Less products, skills, and number of hours in the job will be required even if you sought the services of a contractor. Therefore, you will not pay much for the project.

The super factor… Are you staining a new surface or an existing surface that was covered by another material?

This is the greatest factor that determines the overall cost of stained concrete. Staining a new surface is relatively cheaper, since less work will be involved. If you have an old surface that was covered with another material, you will be required to pay more since intense surface preparation will be required.

The actual cost of stained concrete

Typically, decorative concrete contractors charge $2.5-$4 per square foot of stained concrete.

For a basic stain that includes minimal slab preparation, single color, and a final sealer coat, expect to pay $2-$5 per square foot.

A mid-range stain will cost you $6-$10 per square foot, while a high-end stain that includes multiple colors and complex patterns will cost you $11-$15 per square foot on average.